Entertainment News: CW and “The Lost Boys” Return.

“One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”-Grandpa.


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The internet is abuzz with a television reboot of one of Americans most beloved cult movies, “The Lost Boys.” I was 14 years old when “The Lost Boys” hit the movie screens. A friend and I had to have our parents call the theater, along with bringing a note from them, giving us permission to watch the movie.  Today, I have comics, all the movies, and soundtrack. But, I am still looking for the book, yes a book by Craig Shaw Gardner, which is expensive to buy. They should have re-released it when “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer was all the rage. Maybe, if the reboot takes place, and takes off, they will re-release the book (reasonably priced) among other books dealing with “The Lost Boys” world.


Image Source: Warner Bros., WB Communications Inc

“The Lost Boys” came out in 1987 starring Corey Feldman, Jamison Newlander, and the late Corey Haim as our heroes. With Jason Patric, Keifer Sutherland, Billy Wirth, Alex Winter, Chance Michael Corbitt, and the late Brooke McCarter as our “Lost Boys.”  We do have a “Lost Girl,” the love interest to Jason Patric’s character Michael, who is played by Jami Gertz.  If you watched the movie, you know the real hero of the story is Grandpa, who was played by the late Bernard Hughes. (IMDb)


Image Source: CBS Corporation, Warner Bros., Time Warner, WB Communications Inc

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Thomas, along with Gulfstream TV and Warner Bros, who brought us “iZombie” and “Veronica Mars” is going to bring us “The Lost Boys” to the CW.  The article went on to say that the show will be seven decades-long, each season is a decade. The start of the show is going to be in San Francisco in the year 1967 (The Summer of Love), add 70 years to that, the show’s timeline will end in 2037. The people and settings will change, but “The Lost Boys” will stay the same.


Image Source: CBS Corporation, Warner Bros., Time Warner, WB Communications Inc



Image Source: CBS Corporation, Warner Bros., Time Warner, WB Communications Inc


The announcement of “The Lost Boys” series to the CW comes to the ending of CW’s other vampire show, “The Vampire Diaries.” But, a reboot is no surprise. We have shows like: “Fargo,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Scream,” “Teen Wolf,” “Exorcist,” “Elementary,” “Minority Report,” “Bates Motel,” “12 Monkeys,” The DC Universe, and “Limitless.” These shows tell us that reboots, retellings, expansions, and sequels are possible.

It will be interesting to see where Rob Thomas takes “The Lost Boys” world. Will we see our heroes and favorite vampires again, or will the story be about a whole new set of “Lost Boys?” Will special appearances from the original cast be seen? Will the reboot ruin our love for the original movie, or have us fall in love with the vampire world all over again?


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  • yeh, I remember the Lost Boys. Wonderful and new the last time I remember something about vampires being so good was David Soul starring in King’s classic Salem’s Lot. Worth a look (no vampires) is Babadook.


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