Odyssey: Pets & Mental Health


I went to counseling the same year as my divorce, but they were not listening. As time moved on, the places he hit me and kicked me were increasing with pain. My lower back (left side) and the left hip area were the worse of the pain. Having trouble bending, walking and standing was getting to be difficult, but I carried on with work. I went from being able to work 40+ hours a week to being unable to work due to the pain. I became a recluse. No longer was I talking to people, I was not wanting to go outside or take part in anything. Even talking on the phone is hard for me. Going to the physicians did no good either… [READ MORE]



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  1. burresor

    It is true, animals can be very theraputic. My oldest son is autistic and his verbal skills have always been less than those of children his age. Ever since we brought in a therapy cat his confidence as well as speech have begun to improve. Having a cat in the house has given him a comfort that he did not have before. Our furr baby, Artemis, has also been my best companion when bouts of depression sinc in.

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