Odyssey: How To Control The Worry.

The dark clouds cover the sky. The wind picks up to remind you how cold can sting. The rain falls from the heavens, leaving you shivering in your pajamas. It’s a dark, cold, wet and dreary day. Thoughts run through your head. “How will I pay this month’s rent?” “Why can’t I find a job?” “How am I going to afford to pay the bills and still have food on the table?” “How am I going to afford a vehicle and insurance?” You’re not alone in these thoughts. We live in a world where everyone is worrying about something…             [READ MORE]


Published by

T.L. Hicks

I am an enthusiastic and versatile writing candidate with an academic background in communications-journalism and creative writing. Passionate about creating original and imaginative content. I have developed excellent customer service, leadership and teamworking skills.

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