The Last Jedi Opinions – A Fanbase Divided

The Last Jedi is a good movie, but not everything is perfect.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a good movie. It has some decent action and laughter. I was able to stay in my seat the whole time. But, not everything is perfect. 

The movie is too comical, too much of a joke. I am not saying the other films were not humorous. They had their moments. But the comedy was earned in the previous films. The banters between Han Solo and Chewy were great and funny. Han Solo’s character is meant to be sarcastically funny, and Harrison Ford pulled it off successfully.

The rest of the Star Wars films were more on the serious side, The Last Jedi film had its serious moments, but they were overshadowed by the misplaced use of comedy. The movie needed more action, more fight scenes, and less comedy and cuteness factor (Porgs)…[Read More]


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