“What, how, why, drew you to become a writer?” Submitted by Nicole YinglingAlexandria PallatMelanie Blackman.

“The reason I became a writer is my inability to work like I once did. I would work two or three jobs at a time. Due to an abusive first marriage, the pain from my injuries sustained grew, with it, my depression.

When the doctors told me, I could not work anymore. And I had to deal with the pain for the rest of my life. A black cloud formed over my head, hail fell from the cloud on my head.  I tried to continue working, but my body said, “STOP!” The depression deepened, forming itself into chronic depression. With it, a big heaping side order of social anxiety.”- Tracie L. Hicks [READ MORE]


You’ve read part one. Now, here is part two.


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