Is Netflix’s “Veronica” Scary?

I kept seeing on my Facebook news feed that a horror movie, with no publicity from Netflix, magically appeared overnight online back in February. The headlines read, “Netflix’s Latest Horror Veronica Might Be The Scariest Movie Of The Year” (Metro, 2018). “Netflix’s new horror film Veronica dubbed ‘scariest ever’” (Mirror, 2018). And, “Netflix horror movie ‘Veronica’ is scaring people into shutting it off halfway through watching” (Business Insider, 2018).

According to Rotten Tomatoes, as of typing this article, the TOMATOMETER is giving it an average rating of 7/10, with two Rotten and 14 Fresh. But, the AUDIENCE SCORE is 3/5 with User Ratings of 739 having it at 45 percent of the users liking the movie… (READ MORE)


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