Life After College: What’s Next?

A change in my life has happened. I started on my academic journey in 2012. I got in at the University of Phoenix. I went for their Associates of Arts degree in Communications. When 2014 rolled around, I graduated with a GPA of 3.87.

In 2014, I got in at Southern New Hampshire University. I got accepted for their Bachelor of Arts program in English and Creative Writing. I focused on learning the art of fiction writing, screenwriting, and journalism. My class ended in the Winter of 2016, but I did not graduate until 2017 with a GPA of 3.539.

In 2017, I returned to Southern New Hampshire University.  I went for my Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing. During the program, I focused on honing my skills as a fiction writer. It was here that I finished my first draft of my novel, Hell’s Half Acre, and this is where my academic journey ended. In May 2018, I graduated Southern New Hampshire with a GPA of 3.585.

Writing for Publications

At the University of Phoenix, not much happened. It was at Southern New Hampshire University when changes occurred. It took a few years, but in the Summer of 2016, the Editor and Chief of SNHU Odyssey reached out to me. They wanted me to become a writer for their publication. Thanks to my social anxiety, I refused. In the Fall I went for it. There was a new Editor and Chief, but I got on the team.

In the Fall of 2017, I stopped writing for SNHU Odyssey and wrote for Coffee House Writers. I already knew most of the people. They used to write for SNHU Odyssey. I have been with Coffee House Writers for nine months. I am an intern content creator and an editor.

Coffee House Writers was not the only writing platform I joined that Fall. Digital Fox Media liked my story on Hellboy that they let me join their team. I have been writing for them since October 2017.

All three publications allowed me to get my name out there to the audiences. I am gaining connections with other writers which may lead to expanding my writing.

Now What?

Right now, I am feeling lost. I have grown accustomed to my school schedule. Now I need to create a work schedule. I have Monday’s down pat. I have Monday set aside to write my articles for Coffee House Writers and Digital Fox Media. I start around 8 am and finish around 8 pm.

During the rest of the week, I edit the articles from my Coffee House Writers team as they submit them. The idea is to get them edited and contact the writers for any needed changes before the weekend arrives. Technically the articles are due by Thursday by 7 pm CST. The revisions/edits must be done by 10 pm CST on Saturday so I can meet my 11 am CST deadline.

It is during the free time I need to get the motivation to revise my novel. I also need to work on getting Mystical Night Media going.

I contacted Southern New Hampshire University to find out how much aid I have left. I am hoping I have enough aid for a Bachelor of Arts or an Associate of Arts degree in Photography. I am hoping I can take a few graphic design classes. I like taking pictures; I have a Coolpix P900 and a Coolpix P530 cameras. I would like to learn how to take great shots that can back on the cover of the National Geographic magazine. Better yet, use my pictures to create book covers.

If I cannot return to school, then I will try to teach myself. I cannot afford Adobe Creative Cloud, so the next best thing is GIMP and YouTube videos. If there is a will, there is away.

What I am hoping to do is work from home. Writing novels, creating book covers, and learn animation or the sorts. I would like to create YouTube short movies. All the books, videos, and pictures will be under the Mystical Night Media brand. I need to find out how to get it all legalized.

Money is tight. My husband works as a security guard and does not get paid much. We live in low-income housing with rent based on our income. I am fighting for disability for the fourth time. I may have to get a lawyer this time around.

Until Then

Until money becomes available, I need to revise my novel, write more stories and get them out there. Chances are I may do self-publishing via CreateSpace and Amazon. I hope my friends and family will share the heck out of them; then I need not spend much money on advertising.

I will continue to write my articles for Coffee House Writers and Digital Fox Media. And I need to build Mystical Night Media. I hope all my family and friends will share the heck out of my articles.

Until next time,

Tracie L. Hicks


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  1. katherinebrianneparilli

    I love your list of goals and dreams. I hope that you make them a reality. Starting a You Tube Channel is a lot of work, but is also lots of fun. And do give Create Space a try. You will not regret it if you give it your best, but you will regret not trying. Good luck.

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