The Haunting of Stoke Water: The Psychic Sisters Series

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The Haunting of Stoke Water” (The Psychic Sisters Book 3) by Elizabeth Andrews
Pages 206
ISBN 1980879737
Publisher: A World of Magic, Myth, and Legend
June 1, 2018
United Kingdom

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.

I have not read the first two books, and after reading this one, I—well, I want to read them now.

“The Haunting of Stoke Water” has a family haunted by malevolent spirits. Sisters, Queenie and Sybil, must help the family before it is too late.
The story opens with a scenic view of the land, river and the Stoke House. Elizabeth uses foreshadowing by using words, “hidden,” “cutting off… from the outside,” “shuddered,” and “forbidding.”

Once you get through the first chapter, the story picks up. The author sucks you into Ruth’s world. You follow Ruth and bond with her. She takes her role as an aunt seriously. She is a second mother to the children. The story plays like a movie in your mind. You see it play out as you read.
Elizabeth’s characters are realistic. The banter between the sisters gives a much-needed comic relief in this intense story.

Elizabeth Andrews took stories from the real Beaminster Union Workhouse. She worked her writing magic and brought us one scary tale.
After reading the story, I wonder, is the real Stoke Water House haunted?

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