Sliver Combo

Hi, there ladies and germs, I am back with a deck I love playing, and that is SlIVERS, oh!

This deck is a combo deck that is good and right to the point. I think.  That is, it can poison your opponent on turn three for ten poison counters.

And that is just the start of this one. The deck also has a stuffy doll effect. It also has Blasphemous Act. SO, let’s look at the deck, and we will get going from that.

4 Dormant Sliver

3 Firewake Sliver

3 Spiteful Sliver

4 Galerider Sliver

2 Gemhide Sliver

4 Manaweft Sliver

1 Predatory Sliver

4 Striking Sliver

4 Virulent Sliver

4 Summoner’s Pact

3 Blasphemous Act

4 Aether Vial

1 Forest

1 Island

2 Breeding Pool

4 Cavern of Souls

1 Mutavault

4 Sliver Hive

2 Steam Vents

1 Stomping Ground

4 Wooded Foothills

That is the deck and not the sideboard so that you can adjust the sideboard to your area.

The deck is capable of some radical things, including poisoning the opponent out as early as turn 3 with this sequence:

Turn 1:  Sliver

Turn 2: Virulent Sliver and Striking Sliver, attack for one poison. 

Turn 3: Virulent Sliver, cast Summoner’s Pact for the third Virulent Sliver, attack for nine poison.

The next thing, it has Spiteful Sliver, and this makes them think twice about blocking, and there is Blasphemous Act to finish the game off, if you need to stay as defender slivers, but will talk about that next.

Now the rest of the cards, you have six mana fixing slivers in the deck to play the pump Sliver for the fair matchups. You can go through your deck as soon as turn four. If you don’t get the combo on turn three then it’s going to be a ground game to get your guys out.

Firewake Sliver is the next card that will take you out of defender if you have Dormant Sliver out on the battlefield, so you can still attack if you want to with Galerider Sliver in the deck, flyers is no problem, so spirit decks lookout. 

So, that is this deck and hope you find this to your liking and get out to your local game store and get this deck to start and upsetting your fellow players.


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