Diversity In The Martical Arts World

Let’s start with all the negative things in the Martial Arts. Many people think their style is the best and everything else is wrong. That is not true. The other is, you must prove your martial arts are better than mine, and I don’t have to prove anything on my end because I know I’m better. The thing is, many people forget that it’s not about style. It’s about the person using the style. It takes one to pay attention to detail in a fight, as they are fighting, this takes a special kind of person. 

I have studied Aikido and a few other styles. Some styles are good, and some are bad, but all schools are both good and bad. It’s how the teacher teaches and how patient the teacher is with the student. I think much of the problem is that no other school will take on a student of another style, and they don’t want to waste the time of reteaching them. If you look, you can find fault in every style no matter what style it is. I think people need to stop and think about what other styles provide, and if you think it’s useless, then discard it. Keep what you think is good and work it into your style.

If you have not studied a style, don’t make any comment about it. This is my opinion.

I have asked a teacher to trade knowledge for knowledge, and they refuse. Why is this? I think because it’s not in their best interest, and they think everyone else is beneath them. I could be wrong. I hope I am. But I don’t think so. Most people are looking for combative Martial Arts, and most teachers are not tough to use it combative, so it’s not the style. It’s you that uses it and not knowing how to use it in a fight. I think this, my style is better than your style is a school thing that kids say, and we should be better than that, and wiser than this.

Take this as a new way of thinking. This is all I am saying.

God bless and be safe out there.

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