The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

The gaming world introduced The Witcher to them, and Netflix introduced to Geralt, the Witcher to those who don’t game. Now, the world is waiting for the next season, so am I.  Thanks to the translations, we now can read Geralt’s tales and adventures for ourselves.

The first story, you know. You can visualize every step. I was entranced and glad that the first story is something I watched in the series. The other adventures keep hooked.

Geralt knows evil. He knows which “monsters” mean harm and those who don’t. The book is a collection of short stories of his adventures.  

Geralt is not talkative. Don’t expect any Hmmm’s, though.

Remember, the book is a translation. In a few places, it’s hard to find rhythmic and, in other places, disjointed. This writing does not take away from the flow of the story. Short sentences and to the point is for most readers, now. Such writing leaves the imagination open. Leave us, the readers, to play it out in our minds.

The Last Wish is an excellent introduction to the Witcher world. It lays the foundation of Geralt and his characteristics.

If you are into the Netflix’s series or the video games, this is a book, along with the others to read.  

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