Witch Song By Amber Argyle

The story surrounds a young girl, Brusenna (Seena for short). Her mother, Sacra, held secrets. When a mother holds secrets from her child(ren) it means they are trying to protect them. Can’t blame a mother for that. When things go wrong, and with Witch Hunters hot on her trail. Seena and her trusty dog, Bruke, goes on the run. She must find Haven and find out what happened to her mother and the other witches. Plus, stop the Dark Witch, Epsen, from weaving her spells. The story is a Maid vs. Crone. Who will win, the young witch or the evil Epsen?

Witch Song gives a new take on witches. They use songs to bring their magic to life. They become, are, a part of nature. The witches can communicate with nature to forge homes, beds, and hiding places. This caught my attention and led me down the path of the book. It was a hard start. It was slow, and so was Stephen King’s first chapters in The Stand. Once you get over the hurdle you are caught in Amber Argyle’s enchanted words. There is no breaking free and you want more.

Like her mother, Seena is protective. She pushes away the only guy who’s helping her, Joshen. But the boy does not give up. His duties are to protect her, and that is what he will do.

The Young Adult novel is the classic coming of age. Seena must come into her own, must find herself and her strength.

I recommend this book for Young Adults to Adults.

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