It Calls From The Forest

Name: It Calls From The Forest: An Anthology of Terrifying Tales from the Woods Volume 1
Publisher: Eerie River Publishing
Publication Date: April 15, 2020
Genre: Mythology, Anthology, Horror, and Western

Whatever you do, do not listen. 

Ignore that pull, the need to escape from drudgeries of life and find peace and solitude within nature. It is not the cool breeze and the scent of pine that whispers your name.

No, these things within the forest will rip out your heart and devour your soul. You will tremble as they revel in your madness, taking everything from you and leaving you with nothing. Delve inside this anthology of what truly lurks within the shadows of the trees. 

Created by award-winning horror and fiction authors around the world. We dare you to take this journey with us and find out what horrors await you. 

The Forest Is Calling. Will you answer?

“A Wail of a Tail” By Emma K. Leadley – A starving hunter and his dog leave for a routine hunting trip, but what he brings back is anything but routine.

“The Thing In The Woods” By D.R. Smith – A group of young boys discover something strange and otherworldly in the forest. Compelled by forces unseen to take it home with them, disaster quickly unfolds. Will anyone survive?

“The Hike” By E.E.W. Christmas – A weekend getaway turns disastrous for Steph, when she wakes to find Becca missing and their car destroyed.

“Forest Man” By Holley Cornetto – A group of old friends reminisce about the summer that changed their lives forever and they soon realize some things should be left in the past.

“Hollow Woods” By Brian Duncan – Making friends is hard, but Emma soon realizes that her new friends aren’t who she thinks they are, and the Florida Everglades can be a dangerous place. 

“Seita” By Thomas Wake – A hunting trip goes terribly wrong when nature takes back what was stolen. 
“Fairies in the Forest” By Jason Holden – A father son getaway turns deadly when the ramblings of their late grandfather prove true. 

“Neumack Woods” By N.M. Brown – Two friends go on an adventure into the fabled woods surrounding their home. But what they find will change them forever. 

Twenty-four terrifying stories ripped out of your nightmares and delivered for you within this collection by award winning authors from around the globe.

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