The Municipality of Lost Souls By Jeannie Wycherley

Title: The Municipality of Lost Souls: A Spellbinding Gothic Ghost Story set in Victorian England (The Durscombe Novels)

Publisher: Bark at the Moon Books

Author: Jeannie Wycherley

Release date: 25 June 2020


Angry men don’t stay dead …

It’s been nearly thirty years since Tansy Wick prophesised a grim future for her young granddaughters.

Now the notorious local wise woman is dead, and after a long absence Agatha has returned home to sort out the old woman’s affairs.

However a series of events are set in motion on the fateful night she arrives.

The wrecking of a tall ship is a catalyst that places Agatha and her increasingly fragile cousin, Emily, at the heart of the town’s descent into darkness.

As the municipal aldermen abuse their positions of power and privilege, Tansy’s granddaughters are lone voices of protest speaking out against the deadly practice of wrecking and plundering ships in Lyme bay.

No-one else listens.

No-one else can hear the whispers.

The dead demand justice.

And they won’t rest until they get it.

Sample of the novel available here:

Author Bio

Jeannie Wycherley is a genre-hopping introvert and word witch living somewhere between the forest and the sea in East Devon, UK. She is the author of Crone (2017), Beyond the Veil (2018), the Spellbound Hound books (2020), and the Amazon bestselling Wonky Inn series. Jeannie loves all things mystical, magickal and mysterious and draws literary inspiration from the landscape … and cake.

Connect with the author at:

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