The General’s Daughter by Michael Peirce


The fourth novel in the world of the “Red Dirt Zombies” series.

Governor Vera Selvedge of Georgia was elected as a libertarian and found herself a virtual War Lord. She is holding it all together, but so many have died, or been maimed under her orders in this the First Z-War. Even more men and women have succumbed to the insanity and PTSD.

Jane Miniver of the Governor’s Protection Unit, the controversial GPU, has opened talks with the Tennessee Militia. This militia includes a young woman who is “The General’s Daughter,” and Georgia’s senior general, Bruce Clark is overjoyed.

A new character joined the GPU and many are worried by the trend towards people like her; “Suzie Creamcheese” she was called and you do not want to fall into her dainty little hands…

The Final Offensive has begun at last and as the New Southern Alliance fights the final battles, it is a time of both triumph and tragedy. It is a rough time for all of them. Could the tragedies that devastate “Captain Alice” be assuaged by the attentions of the PTSD ridden Alabama Major Dawson Sanders? Can enough of the troops remain sane long enough to get the job done and establish the exclusion area to be designated the “Q-Zone?”


The Road to Vicksburg

“Texas Jace Newland, Colonel Alice McBride and General John Mosby stood on the ridge overlooking the Mississippi River.

They had fought the battle that had to be fought. Georgia had to have petrol; Texas had to have their Georgia allies. It had to have been worth it, worth the cost of the dead.

Somehow, it didn’t feel that way. Their faces were blank as they watched the Texas engineer troops working to open the massive bridge across the Mississippi River. A boat approached from the Texas side, carrying the commander of 1st Cavalry Division, a former US Army outfit. His face was as solemn as those of his Georgia allies. The Texans too had paid a price.”

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Mike Peirce has been a musician and songwriter as well as a soldier in an African War, and private security agent. His “Red Dirt Zombies” trilogy started life as a musical and draws on his experiences in those other areas.

The TV show “The Walking Dead” shows the consequences of losing the war against the Zs. Peirce’s books focus on the consequences of winning, addressing veteran’s issues such as PTSD, alienation and the impact of war on romantic relationships.

The “Red Dirt Zombies” series is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. “The General’s Daughter” has recently been released and while it can stand alone, it also falls on the RDZ timeline..

His non fiction memoir of music and mayhem, “African Days and Hollywood Nights” is now available on Amazon well as several short stories. Peirce has stories in a number of anthologies with proceeds going to veterans organizations, primarily PTSD support. Additionally, he has two novellas about a private military company (PMC) operating in Mexico.



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