It is the night, the season 10 finale of the “X-Files.” It is dark outside, you have the lights off, popcorn in one hand, and soda in the other. You are nice and snug in your chair. The only light showing throughout the room is the glow of the television screen. You are glued to it, only taking bathroom breaks during the commercials. Then there it is the final scene. Mulder in the car and Scully outside of the car, both look up to the great big light beaming down at them, now fade out. You fall to the floor in shock, you rise to your knees, with fists shaking to the sky, you pray (well, cry out) to the almighty Fox Network, “Why, why? Why have you done this to me?” You are left wondering if there will be a season 11, and then your mind wanders. Thoughts plague your senses. You rush to your laptop, open up Microsoft Word, type at the speed of light. Words are pouring out from you finger types. No time to check for grammar, not yet anyway. You are done, you run the story through Grammarly for any editing. Re-read it to see what Grammarly missed. You create a cover with Mulder and Scully and upload it to Wattpad where it takes its place beside your other “X-files” stories…[READ MORE]