Coffee House Writers

Have you always enjoyed writing, and want to get your ideas into the world or think you have something interesting to say? Have you ever thought you would never have the opportunity to publish your work? We have weekly and bi-weekly article deadlines, as well as a poetry division! Writers must be 18 and older, and you can write from

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Tara’s Truth

Four teenagers head out for their last camping trip before heading off to college. They decide to venture out to the no-camping area, in the middle of the night, they find out it was a mistake. 

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Hell’s Half Acre

Judas, an ancient vampire, found a tablet stating a child born between the human and supernatural realms will rise and destroy all supernatural forces. After millenniums gone by, he has finally found the child. With a small army, he heads to the small town of Acre, Illinois to retrieve the child. Can Judas convince her to join his army or

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