It’s Coming For You

A collection of ten short horror stories—some darker than others. They all share a common theme: the existence of creepy things, day or night, and they will come for you. Other themes explored are revenge, isolation, good vs. evil, the will to survive, and, of course, DEATH, amongst a few others. Author Donna Trovato presents disturbing stories intended to make you ponder, cringe, shudder, or gasp. Have you glanced over your shoulder lately to see if someone is watching you—lurking in the shadows?

The characters’ thoughts and actions are unpredictable, and there are plenty of sharp plot turns and shocking endings. Additionally, rich details are included to help a reader conjure up visuals, smells, sounds, etc. Though the tales of horror range from mildly disturbing to utterly revolting, the prose is pleasant and the ancillary characters are vivid.