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Customer Testimonials

Jessica Willing

Via LinkedIn– Tracie is an excellent editor and goes above and beyond to ensure that her writers have everything they need. I have worked with her for over two years and have always been extremely impressed with the amount of effort she puts in with… Continue Reading “Jessica Willing”

Sara (Billions) Billions-Steele

Via LinkedIn– Tracie was my first editor when I joined Coffee House Writers. She always went in-depth for my articles. Rarely making any corrections for me, Tracie did point out problems for me to fix on my own. Whether sentences were too long or needed… Continue Reading “Sara (Billions) Billions-Steele”

Patti Harris

Via LinkedIn–Tracie was great to work with. She was super organized and handled her position with ease. She handled all of my questions with kindness and professionalism. I am so very glad to have gotten to work with her.

Jill Yoder

Via LinkedIn– Tracie was my trainer and first editor at Coffee House Writers. She is a detail-oriented person who shows a tremendous amount of dedication to her work. Her attention to detail is what helped me succeed in my first month as a new… Continue Reading “Jill Yoder”

Hayley Green

“She is a great editor for Coffee House Writers. She is dedicated and kind. I would recommend her to anyone for her writing and editing. “ -Via Alignable

Ellwyn Autumn

“Tracie Hicks is a very thorough and encouraging editor on Coffee House Writers (CHW). She is very conscientious and consistently provides positive feedback and helpful suggestions on articles submitted to her. In addition, she shares writing articles among her team on CHW, that broadens… Continue Reading “Ellwyn Autumn”